Bars in San Miguel de Allende that you should keep in mind


Celebrating excellence in bars in the North American region, 50 Best put international spotlight on San Miguel de Allende, Guanajuato. The institution behind the annual global rankings and awards has also discovered an attractive local scene for cocktail enthusiasts, foodies, and globetrotters.

During its visit to the city declared a World Heritage Site by UNESCO, the organization affirmed the proposals that account for the energy of national talent poured into interesting creations.

Forbes Life ventured to know some of these places located in the heart of the first city in Latin America to host the annual North America’s 50 Best Bars gala.

The list of Mexican bars recognized in North America’s 50 Best Bars 2023


On the Casa Hoyos rooftop, its creator Fabiola Padilla looks happy to share the bar with Alexandra Purcaru, co-founder of the Selva bar in Oaxaca (Position 31 of North America’s 50 Best Bars 2023). The takeover within the framework of the awards ceremony had a Norwegian aqua bitter as a surprise ingredient.

At the first opportunity, Fabiola tells us that she is always pleased to create experiences alongside colleagues she has met throughout her career in the United States and Mexico. She is a reference in the world of Mexican mixology due to her attachment to the best techniques, flavors and culture of the country. Innovation, she says, is a tool for building outstanding experiences. Lavender Sour, the flagship augmented reality cocktail, is proof of that premise.

Bekeb last year won a place in 50 Discovery, the world map of restaurants and bars based on the empirical recommendation of an academy made up of 1,700 leading international food and beverage authors, chefs, restaurateurs, bar owners and gourmets.

Location: Mesones 14, Downtown Zone.


The reflections, geometry and art call to enter the place. The stairs seem to lead us to another time and space far away to San Miguel de Allende. That feeling persists when we come across the bar, a structure recovered from an old canteen, which today offers a unique selection of whiskeys and classic cocktails executed by bartender Jonathan Uriel.

Classics include the Rob Roy defined with Angostura bitters, whiskey and Cinzano Rosso, and the King Royal of Prosecco and cassis. “BarmanJonny” places a refreshing accent on signature creations like the Fresh Negroni with passion fruit foam, campari, cinzano and gin. Without forgetting their Falsa Sangrita without alcohol.

Each drink has been designed to create sensations in line with the restaurant’s cuisine, which combines the character of a brasserie and a steakhouse under the technique of chef Paul Bentley.

Location: Channel 16, Downtown Zone.

Luna Rooftop Tapas Bar

It is inevitable to be captivated by the views of the city offered by this space located on the top level of Rosewood San Miguel de Allende. There, the menu of creative cocktails, in tune with Mediterranean-inspired culinary creations and Mexican products, never ceases to amaze.

The renewed proposal led by the hotel’s executive chef, César Enciso, has given way to experiences that can only be had at Luna Rooftop Tapas Bar. On Thursday afternoons, the place becomes the stage where guest mixologists and premium brands of spirits they unite their wits in liquid stories that take place at sunset with DJ music and cooking specials.

Location: Nemesio Diez 11, Downtown.

Source: Forbes