Millesime GNP Gathers the Best of Gastronomy, Wine, and Mixology in San Miguel de Allende


In an exclusive setting, San Miguel de Allende celebrated the 3rd Edition of Millesime GNP Weekend, a social event that brought together the most dedicated chefs, oenologists, and bartenders, who presented unique, delicious, and creative offerings available in the State of Guanajuato.

This event, driven by the Guanajuato Secretary of Tourism led by Juan José Álvarez Brunel, took place from May 23 to 26. During these four days, the Rosewood Hotel, the main venue of the event; the Hotel Casa 1810 Collection and Numu Boutique Hotel, venues for the menu dinners, became delicious settings for high-end gastronomy.

On the first days, this event – directed by Manuel Quintanero, Director of Millesime, invited diners to Casa 1810 and Numu to enjoy six-course dinners paired with exquisite wines, featuring the participation of internationally renowned chefs; and on the 26th, in the gardens of the Rosewood, attendees enjoyed premium mixology, wines from the best Mexican wineries, tasting tables, unusual products, and a cooking show.

This year the chefs and traditional cook from Guanajuato who delighted with their gastronomy were: Juan Emilio Villaseñor, from Cocinoteca; Vicente Torres, from Moxi; Erick Martínez, from Tene; Antonio Aranda, from Tostevere; Eduardo Palazuelos, from Zatziki; Mario Morán, from Ryoko; Omar Henríquez, from Hortus; Oscar Méndez from Garufa; Lucy Noriega, from Orangerine; Mayela Cárdenas, from Casa Mercedes; Ma. De Lourdes Camarena, from La Casa de Mamá; Domingo Martínez, from Amatxi; Juan Carlos Madrigal, from Niu; Fernando Quintero, from Comedor Tradicional; and David Quevedo, from Viñedo San Miguel.

They all prepared delicious dishes and offered tastings of Portobello rock, Feta cheese truffle, Spicy maple caramel, Portobello mushroom hazelnuts, Mezcal shank, Molded pork shank, Mezcal glaze, Cacahuamixtle corn puree, Candied xoconostle, Chalupita stuffed with flower mole with vitualla, Pickled veal, Flower mole, sweet potato and basil blue corn.

As well as Xoconostle in syrup with Juchilera ant honey, Mezcal foam, and Crumble of buñuelo with amaranth, cured salmon, Beet ponzu and tapioca, Mushroom stuffed with smoked pancetta, burnt goat cheese and red pepper jam, Vitualla with Pickled veal, Beef fillet marinated in dark beer and spices, Stuffed with artisanal chorizo in guajillo sauce, Cold white corn soup, Ginger, Ash aguachile, among other foods.

The mixologists from the State who also participated in Millesime’s Unique Rewards space

Fabiola, owner of the Belén bar in San Miguel de Allende and recent winner on The World’s 50 Best Bars list, surprised with refined cocktails based on plants, roots, seeds, endemic fruits of the region, agave distillates, and more.

And Jonathan, one of the most recognized mixologists in San Miguel de Allende thanks to his creativity when creating cocktails that elevate the senses of those who try them.

Delicious wines from Guanajuato were also tasted, including those from Tres Raíces, Hacienda San José Lavista, Cuna de Tierra, San Bernardino, Cavas Manchón, Dos Búhos, Arcángeles, Guanamé, Viñedo San Miguel, Viña Gamar, La Santa Vid, and Los Remedios.

Millesime was a great stage for tasting, exhibition, and tourism promotion. This event featured participants from the “Valle de la Independencia” Wine Route, as well as Tour Operators (Coyote Canion Adventures, Andar Por México, Aventuras y Glamping los Nogales, and Turisma) who promoted enological segment packages.

Thanks to this, international attendees from Colombia, France, and Mexican States such as Puebla, Mexico City, Querétaro, San Luis Potosí, and Aguascalientes, learned firsthand, and through a QR code, about the experiences offered by the entity.

The Wine Route is composed of the municipalities of San Miguel de Allende, Dolores Hidalgo CIN, Comonfort, San Diego de la Unión, and with the upcoming incorporation of the municipalities of León, San Francisco del Rincón, Purísima del Rincón, San Felipe, Guanajuato, and Salvatierra, municipalities that have wine-growing projects.

Similarly, Millesime was the stage for the Guanajuato Grape and Wine Association, which offered wine tastings from various Wineries and Vineyards of the State.

Source: Press Release