Video: For not giving complete liters! Gas station is shutdown by Profeco


Profeco had to ask for the help of the National Guard and the FGR to be able to close the service of the gas station

GUANAJUATO: For not giving complete five pumps from a gas station were suspended by the Federal Consumer Prosecutor (Profeco).

It was this Friday at the gas station located on the San Juan Bosco boulevard with Juan Alonso de Torres, located in Leon Guanajuato, that Profeco inspectors acted not to sell full liters.

Reports indicate that the suspension became effective after it was left unfinished in the middle of the week; Profeco was assisted by agents of the Attorney General’s Office and the National Guard, due to the owners’ refusal to cooperate

According to the head of the State Office for Consumer Protection, Armando Guzmán García, mid-week the service station was inspected, irregularities were found in the dispatch of fuel, but he refused to immobilize the pumps, during an inspection this Friday.

Who introduced himself as representative and legal advisor of the gas station -franchise of BP, insistently denounced that the officials of Profeco did not carry the corresponding commission letter.

However, Profeco inspectors maintained that this was a necessary review, derived from a complaint and an inspection that was inconclusive, when the fraud report was confirmed, the suspension was carried out precisely and as a precautionary act that he could litigate under the law.

The complainant again refused the suspension, so the officials requested the reinforcement and protection of the Federal Public Ministry, as well as of two National Guard patrols, then called a notary public to record acts, in the presence of the federal elements.

The inspectors showed him the document where on the previous visit they found the anomalies in the gasoline dispatch, but they also recorded the refusal of the managers to place the closure stamps on the pumps

After an hour, Profeco finally proceeded to immobilize the five pumps in which they found irregularities, while the station’s legal adviser warned that he would challenge the closure.

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