Katsumi Itagaki is the new Japanese consul in Guanajuato


The head of the Secretariat of Sustainable Economic Development of Guanajuato (SDES), Mauricio Usabiaga Díaz Barriga, welcomed the new Consul General of Japan in that state, Katsumi Itagaki, who recognized Guanajuato as a driving force for relations between the two nations.

During the meeting, Secretary Mauricio Usabiaga shared the vision of the economic development of the state of Guanajuato during the administration of Governor Diego Sinhue Rodríguez Vallejo, highlighting the expansion of Japanese companies and cooperation agreements with some of the Prefectures in Japan, mainly with Hiroshima.

The economic diversification, the consolidation of production of Mazda and Honda, and the arrival of Toyota at Apaseo el Grande were highlighted, investments that have triggered the industry of supplying components and auto parts and that have consolidated Guanajuato as an important pole of development in the center of the country.

Usabiaga Díaz Barriga pointed out that Japan has established itself as the main commercial partner of Guanajuato with the installation of companies in the automotive sector mainly, and a strategic business ally in the educational and cultural fields, thereby rapidly strengthening ties of friendship.

Consul Katsumi Itagaki highlighted the importance of implementing different projects in the state of Guanajuato to continue promoting sustainability, human development, and social impact.

Source: Periodico Correo

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