Of the 929 women murdered in Guanajuato, only two percent were classified as femicides


Between January and October of this 2020 at least 3 thousand 185 women and girls have been murdered in Mexico.

Despite confinement, 10 women have been murdered every day. 

68% of all these malicious homicides and femicides are concentrated in 10 states of the country. 

In Guanajuato, 929 women have died violently between January and October of this year, however, 60 percent of the cases have been prosecuted as manslaughter, 38 percent as intentional, and only 2 percent as femicide.

This is revealed by the information cutoff on violence against women of the Executive Secretariat of the National Public Security System (Sesnsp), which indicates that according to the data provided by the State Attorney General’s Office (FGE), Guanajuato has 16 femicides so far in the first ten years of 2020.

With these data, Guanajuato is in the penultimate national place in the rate for every 100,000 women killed by femicide with 0.5, only above Aguascalientes with 0.27.

However, in terms of female victims of intentional homicide, Guanajuato is the absolute first place with 351, more than a hundred cases above Chihuahua, which is in second place with 226 victims and the State of Mexico with 222 in third place.

In this modality, Guanajuato is in fourth place in the country with a rate of 11 victims per 100,000 women, just below Baja California with 11.7, Chihuahua with 11.8, and Colima in first place with 18.3.

Guanajuato also has the absolute first place, in alleged female victims of wrongful death, since from January to October 2020 there were 562 women whose death was interpreted under this modality; almost 400 percent above Jalisco with 159, the State of Mexico with 151, Michoacán with 150 and Quintana Roo with 130 victims.

Está Guanajuato entre los estados más peligrosos para las mujeres

With that figure, Guanajuato also finds its head in the cup of women whose death was allegedly accidental, with 17.6, two points above Quintana Roo with 15.2, and well above Michoacán with 6.1 than Tamaulipas with 5.9 and Sinaloa with 5.4.

There are also Veracruz , with 158 intentional homicides and femicides; Mexico City , with 145 cases, Guerrero , where 131 victims are registered, and Puebla , which registers 114. 

It also highlights that of the 3 thousand 185 women who were murdered in the first 10 months of the year, the justice only investigates the case of 801 of them as femicide.

When comparing the figures for this year, which has spent most of it in a pandemic and confinement, with those of last year, an increase in women victims of violence is observed. Well, while between January and October 2019 they murdered 3,158, this year the victims were 27 more.

Source: am.com.mx, zonafranca.mx

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