How do electricity rates in Mexico compare to the US?


Expats in Mexico John Fiore Ten Kimmy compare prices

Glad you asked… I saw a firewood post with some side chats about Guanajuato electricity costs for the winter and Ten Kimmy posted some CFE rates  I’ve had it on my mind to do a comparison for myself and thought I’d share it here. I used PSE rates where I live and did Kilowatt Hour usage from 50 to 1000 below (the spreadsheet goes to 4K KwH).

Image may contain: text that says 'ELECTRIC BILL RATE COMPARISON USA & MEXICO RATES AS OF DECEMBER 13, 2020 SEATTLE, Kilowatt Hours Fee Tier1 Tier2 Rate CFE RATES (National Rates) Base $0.09123 $0.11143 Kilowatt Rate GTO T Tier2 Tier Tax: M Monthly Electric Bill in US$ 16.00% $1.031 $3.018 $200 Seattle PesosprUSD Mexico $126.15 $150 $11.00 $100 $19.00 $50 $75.49 $112.34 $130.77 $19.00 $167.62 Month 1000'

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