Celaya violence scale: 21 murders in one week


Celaya. Guanajato (January 14, 2021).- In just seven days, from January 6 to 12, a total of 21 people have been murdered in the perimeter southeast of the city that includes neighborhoods such as Arboledas de San Rafael, Monte Blanco, Ejidal and Lagos. We are talking about three killed per day in average.

The events that took place in these neighborhoods houses burnt to the ground, the location of human remains, and armed attacks. The latter event has outraged the entire population of Celaya due to the magnitude of the events and where unfortunately nine people lost their lives.

All criminal acts have been registered as of the 6th of the current month, and began when the discovery of human remains was reported inside a suitcase in the Ejidal neighborhood. 

Conflict areas

Although the year started badly, the next day, that is, on January 7, the armed attacks began in the Arboledas de San Rafael neighborhood, which has become a very conflictive area in addition to having many uninhabited houses occupied by ‘squatters’.

On that date, two women were attacked with gunshots inside their home on Zócalo Street, leaving one of them dead at the site while the second had to be transferred to a hospital to receive medical attention.

That same day, and in a period of approximately one hour, but in the neighborhood of Los Lagos, a 25-year-old young man was killed inside a building on Lago Zirahuen street.

After these two attacks, it seemed that the area was already calm and without risk; However, at nightfall the silence was interrupted by a strong burst of bullets against those attending a wake that was taking place in the well-known Arboledas de San Rafael neighborhood, immediately leaving nine men dead.

The event went viral in a matter of seconds due to its magnitude, which caused outrage not only among the inhabitants of the residential area but among all the people of Celaya.

After this unfortunate event, only two days of tranquility passed for the inhabitants of Arboledas de San Rafael, as once again a house in the Garibaldi Circuit was the subject of an armed attack, but fortunately, there were no people dead or injured.

Only another two days were enough for a second home to be attacked in the same neighborhood, now in the Tlalpan Circuit where they attacked the father and son, the father losing his life on the spot.

The events of this nature did not end there, because on Tuesday afternoon in the Monte Blanco neighborhood – near Arboledas de San Rafael – another attack took place, leaving three people dead.

On the night of the same Tuesday, January 12th, another attack was registered in the most crowded housing unit due to these events.

Two more men were murdered on Ermita Street, and after a persecution police officers killed the four hit men when they caught up with them in the El Puente neighborhood.

In this way, in less than fifteen days, there have been 21 violent murders in various events that occurred in the aforementioned neighborhoods of the city of Celaya.

Source: Periodico Correo

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