Colima, with the lowest number in the registry of senior citizens willing to be vaccinated


A large percentage of the senior citizen population across Mexico do not want to get vaccinated.

Hugo López-Gatell, Undersecretary of Health Promotion, announced that with a cut-off at 5 in the afternoon of this Tuesday, February 9th, a total of 4,168,302 older adults have registered on the platform to receive the antigen against the Covid-19 coronavirus.

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He explained that the figure of 4 million 168 thousand 302 senior citizens is only 29% of the goal number of 14 million 460 thousand 754 that are detected throughout the country through the Welfare Programs of the Federal Government.

In the table in this regard shown by the Undersecretary of Health, Colima registers, at the aforementioned cut, a total of 17,987 older adults registered on the platform and willing to receive the vaccine against Covid-19.

Mexico City would lead the figures with a record of 807,157 older adults, followed by the State of Mexico with 709,083.

Of the 32 entities, the figure for Colima is the lowest, since Tlaxcala has 36,346 records, Hidalgo, 104,254; and Aguascalientes, 37,300 records.

López-Gatell indicated at the nightly press conference at the National Palace that the records on the platform is a “positive data” because “it reflects the willingness of the Mexican population to receive the vaccine that will protect them” from Covid-19.

He explained that as the proportion of people protected against the Covid-19 coronavirus expands, the country will be getting closer to reaching “the emblematic epidemiological parameter of herd immunity”, through which “the efficiency of transmission is progressively unlikely ”and to finally“ have control of the epidemic curve ”.

He recalled that the population segment of adults over 60 years of age, who will be vaccinated regardless of their occupation or place of residence, corresponds to the second stage of the National Vaccination Campaign. The first segment was of course the health personnel who directly care for Covid-19 patients.

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He explained that thanks to the registers of the different federal Welfare Programs there is a registry of approximately 8 million older adults, the rest of the total of 14 million 460 thousand 754 are not registered in any of those projects, and “it is convenient that they register.”

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