Aguascalientes Congress approves anti-abortion reform (Congressman gives activists the middle finger)


Aguascalientes, Mexico (Feb. 13, 2021).- The Congress of Aguascalientes held a controversial session in which a reform was discussed and approved to establish the “right to life from conception.”

The Aguascalientes Congress, in which the National Action Party (PAN) is a legislative majority, approved this Friday a series of reforms that “shield” life from conception, which was criticized by feminist organizations that defend the “legal interruption of pregnancy”.

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During the session, a group of women protested in the legislature and put up banners reading slogans such as: “Church and State are separate matters”, “My body is mine, I decide”, “Anti-right Congress” and “We will see you at the polls. “

The approval of these reforms is given towards the elections on June 6, in which Aguascalientes will renew the Congress, 11 municipal presidencies, 12 receiverships, and 86 regidurías.

In addition, the state faces a legal fight for the so-called “parental pin”, which restricts access to sex education, after a judge granted an injunction, and the Supreme Court of Justice of the Nation (SCJN) accepted a challenge against the law passed by the local Congress in 2020.

The initiative establishes that “no person” in Aguascalientes may be the object of acts or omissions, “whose intention or expectation is caused by their premature death, as well as that all the authorities that make up the state assume their role as life safeguard.

The proposal was approved in general and in particular with 18 votes in favor, 8 against and one abstention.

But the most peculiar thing was the way in which Congressman Sergio Augusto López Ramírez, from the Green Party (PVEM), used an analogy and made an obscene signal to defend his position in favor of the right to life. In the intervention, he showed the middle finger of his right hand up.

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