Don’t miss the Mercado Madeleine de Soria an organic market, artisanal, gastronomic event


The first Sunday of July 2021, marked the premiere date. The town of Soria, just 30 minutes from San Miguel de Allende, heading to Celaya was the site of a magnificent function. Madeleine’s name is the remembrance of the days that are described as unforgettable. It is also to applaud the hospitality, the unbeatable coexistence, and the act of showing ourselves grateful for sharing some products that come from the land after wonderful tillage, that is born from the hands that know how to weave the collective effort, and that emanates from those acts that uniquely and definitely enhance friendship.

Madeleine is at the same time joy and festivity, it is a troupe and exchange of anecdotes and goods that satisfy the simplest taste that one morning can cross our palate, touch, or any imagination.

We are an organic, artisanal, and gastronomic market in the style of circus functions that in our childhood were instantly impregnated in memory, in those memories that again project the desire to greet the actors of the acrobatics, to taste everything offered in the candy stores that detonates joy. The joy of acquiring decorative items that cover a scene that is difficult to find in everyday life, or simply waiting for the date when the entire troop arrives again in town throwing lights, songs, delicacies, words, hugs, and merriment everywhere.

Thus, the troop of the great Madeleine market is made up of a hundred exhibitors who congregate every first Sunday of the month in the fascinating town of Soria, close to San Miguel de Allende, on the outskirts of Comonfort, to create an organic market, artisanal and gastronomic, that offers a great variety of freshly harvested legumes from the living earth; handicrafts ranging from textiles, wood carving, and ceramics, to jewelry drawn in different characters. Here you will also find the typical sweets and profuse cravings, the occasional clothes, and the gift you are looking for any occasion. The atmosphere is always flooded with the traditional singing of the Mariachis and the Banda, the musical notes emitted by the marimba or the huapango, the breeze that the skirts unfold in the representation of a typical dance, or the harmonious murmur combined by hundreds of voices that gather every Sunday around this fascinating place.

To complement the unforgettable anecdote, tours of the architectural paths, the monumental trees, and the historical places that the Hacienda and Textile Factory of Soria keep in each of their exquisite corners are offered, telling stories which you can anticipate to the visitor who has never heard before, and about which they will surely want to know more. Collectively, in Soria, the firm and honest work of converting the production of goods into integral development, the notion of well-being as a common narrative, the diversity of ideas in education and continuous training, the historical territory in open space, and the knowledge of processes in absolute regeneration, culminates the first Sunday of each month in a celebration without equal.

The town of Soria, through the great Madeleine market and other flagship entities such as the centennial textile factory and organic garden, lives, glimpses, and directs its actions in favor of regenerative awareness and model coexistence, thereby promoting practices that promote the local and regional economy, providing sustenance to our community by producing and marketing fairly our products and stimulating healthy coexistence in a territory that is otherwise relevant in its history.

Spending a Sunday at the market is to experience the past: the architecture of the factory and the streets take you back in time, which combined with the present gives you a feeling of living in a special time, resulting in a special experience.

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Now it only remains to have your visit and active participation to share with us a special Sunday, in family company and with notable friends, with the plan of enjoying a morning full of an atmosphere of healthy coexistence and festivity, in the fashion of the circus that has just arrived in town. Get ready! The troop of the great Madeleine market will celebrate a Christmas Posada on December 19 with its renowned artisan exhibitors, musicians, and artists, where we will share the traditional punch, fritters, and a raffle of gifts in which everyone can participate. As a great event to welcome the New Year, on January 2, we will have a surprise that you cannot miss.

As a great event to welcome the New Year, on JANUARY 2 there will be an unmissable surprise … so follow the social networks of the Madeleine Soria Market and be part of its beautiful community.

MARKET MADELEINE 9:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m.

Eusebio González # 17 Soria, Guanajuato; 30 minutes from San Miguel de Allende, 50 minutes from Queretaro


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