San Miguel de Allende prepares for the second edition of FASMA


The next edition of FASMA will take place from August 4 to 20 and will feature more than 100 cultural events.

San Miguel de Allende, the most beautiful city in the world, is getting ready for the second edition of the Festival of the Arts (FASMA), in which Austria will share its cultural wealth, through musical works, film cycles and different conferences, thanks to the fact that will be listed as the guest country.

According to Eduardo Adame, director of the San Miguel de Allende Arts Festival, over 17 days more than 100 cultural events will be held in various venues that are part of the city.

The Festival will have the support of the Austrian Cultural Forum, directed by Lorenz Brunner.

“We will have a very fun and different program, with music, plastic art and a group of students of Latin American nationalities who study music in the city of Salzburg,” explained Lorenz Brunner, director of the Austrian Cultural Forum in Mexico.


The programming of this edition will be very diverse, it will have workshops, exhibitions, classical music, theater, dance, international cinema, conferences with prominent writers, classes for children, among other activities.

For his part, the president of Opera de San Miguel Charles H. Oppenheim anticipated that a concert will be held on August 13 to honor two of the most outstanding Austrian composers of classicism: Joseph Haydn and Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart. “What better than paying homage to Austria through two of its great artists”, he emphasized.

A large part of the acts that will be presented at FASMA will be free, this in order to promote multiculturalism and inclusion, however, the festival will also have activities that will represent some cost, although special rates and discounts will be offered to encourage visitor assistance. The second edition of FASMA will take place from August 4 to 20.

“FASMA is becoming in its second year, with more than 100 events and more than 30 organizations, in one of the most important festivals in Mexico.”

Charles H. Oppenheim, President of Opera de San Miguel

The first edition

The director of the Festival of the Arts of San Miguel de Allende explained that about 30 cultural associations participated in the first edition of FASMA, in addition to different institutions that are part of the government of San Miguel de Allende. Likewise, he pointed out that for over 10 days, the festival promoted 70 cultural events and had approximately 6,000 visitors, both national and foreign. This year, they hope to exceed those numbers.

With this festival, San Miguel de Allende is consolidated as one of the most important cultural destinations in America.

Source: Forbes