Young man stabbed to death during the celebration of the Virgin of Guadalupe in San Miguel de Allende


During the celebrations in honor of the Virgin of Guadalupe in the Los Rodríguez community, a young man lost his life after receiving various injuries caused by a sharp weapon. The events were recorded during the night of Friday, after the burning of the fireworks castle and the beginning of the presentation of the Vagón Chicano group.

A fight broke out between several young people, in which one of the rioters suffered various injuries. He was treated by Red Cross emergency personnel, who were covering the event. The young man, approximately 25 years old, had serious injuries to his abdomen and armpit, which caused him to lose his life at the scene after a few minutes of receiving care.

Subsequently, agents from the State Attorney General’s Office and the Criminal Investigation Agency arrived at the scene, beginning the corresponding proceedings. Likewise, they carried out the collection of evidence, which will be integrated into the investigation folder to identify those possibly responsible for the events.

Finally, the Forensic Medical Service staff removed the young man to transfer him to their facilities in Guanajuato Capital, where the corresponding autopsy will be performed according to the law.

Source: Periodico Correo