Trans influencer exposes shoemaker’s discrimination for not speaking to her as “her” | VIDEO


A case that has drawn attention on social networks recently, was that of a trans woman who exposed a man, who according to what she says, he referred to her inappropriately.

The influencer named ‘Meli la Panda’ on X, formerly Twitter, made a series of publications in which she points out that she visited a place where they fix shoes, however, the situation became uncomfortable when the seller mentioned her using incorrect pronouns, referring to her as “he”.

After hearing him, the trans woman began to record the moment to later share it on her social networks, accompanied by a text in which she shows her annoyance with the shoemaker and denouncing him as ‘rude’ for ‘disrespecting her’.

“This person attended me very aggressively, I kindly asked him to say she because he kept saying HE and he said that he “doesn’t care” nobody helped me I just wanted my shoes and then a person came from the SEDENA asking for my ID”, she wrote on the networks.

However, the discussion began to worsen when the shoemaker threatened the influencer for recording him without his consent and moments later, he called the authorities, a situation that was documented in the influencer’s video.

“The man continued with his violent attitude, they came out with that they also recorded me and the guy from the “SEDENA” and he asking me to identify myself, is it that easy to violate a person and take out their private documentation? I need help”, she continued in her post on X, formerly Twitter.

​Situation divides opinions on social networks

On social networks, several users have shown their position on the problem of the trans woman with the shoemaker, although some supported her, others pointed out that they did not share her gender perspective.

Some of them even accused her of bothering the worker involved in the incident, questioning the validity of her claim.

In the video, the worker is seen requesting the note of the shoes, and according to him, she did not deliver it. This provoked criticism from some users who argued that the trans woman was interfering with the employee’s work.

“Leave that poor man to work in peace, he can’t give you your shoes if you don’t have the note”, they wrote.

However, the influencer showed a photograph of the note, exposing the bad treatment she received in the store, which she also emphasized, is located near her home, so she continued to ask for help.

In addition, businessman Ricardo Salinas Pliego acknowledged feeling admiration for the shoemaker’s calm during the discussion and recommended that they give him work.

“If you need a shoemaker … look for and give work to the gentleman, and by the way tell him that he has my admiration for keeping calm in front of a crazy bastard with nothing to do.

The things that one has to see today hahaha”.

Source: Telediario