“Dancers Arrive in San Miguel de Allende to Celebrate the Lord of the Conquest


Dancers have come from the State of Mexico to San Miguel de Allende.

The dancers from the captaincy of Mr. Manuel Cabrera dance in honor of the Lord of the Conquest, who is revered on March 1st. Along with them, thousands of dancers from different parts of the country have arrived in San Miguel de Allende to participate in this traditional festivity.

Every year, the first Friday of March is reserved for praises to the Lord of the Conquest, which is the solemnity preceding the events of Holy Week. The Parish of San Miguel Arcángel is the place to venerate this image.

Starting at 6:00 in the morning, the first dance groups began to arrive. Many of them prepared their traditional costumes and instruments specifically for this day. This year, dancers from the State of Mexico, Guanajuato Capital, Querétaro, Silao, and local areas participated.

The vigils for the Lord of the Column began on Thursday night and continued into the early hours of Friday. People accompanied the preparation of the altars, which were protected by groups of dancers, with music and offerings.

The dances proceeded in a pilgrimage along Juárez Street during the morning and midday, and along Canal Street after 4:00 in the afternoon.

Religious tradition dictates that when people enter the Parish of San Miguel Arcángel to see the Christ, they must recite 33 creeds in honor of the revered image.”

Source: Periodico Correo