Costco customers fight to get the last fans in Celaya | VIDEO


Recently, a video has gone viral on social media showing customers at a Costco store in Celaya, Mexico, fighting over a product. In this case, it’s not cheesecakes or pastries, but rather fans—specifically, the OmniBreeze tower fan. These fans have become highly sought after due to the recent high temperatures, as people look for ways to beat the heat.

In the video, a crowd of people can be seen grabbing as many fans as they can, while one man tries to take one and another person snatches it away. Tempers flare, and eventually, more people intervene to break up the fight.

The OmniBreeze tower fan, priced at 699 pesos, has become a hot commodity. It features a digital LED display with touch control, four speed settings, automatic internal oscillation for added stability, four breeze modes, a temperature display, and a 12-hour timer. Despite the scuffle, opinions are divided—some criticize the behavior, while others argue that these fans don’t perform as expected.

It seems that Costco fights may now be a seasonal occurrence—first cakes, then fans.

Source: Telediario