Beware! Warning of a Fake Official Issuing Permits in San Miguel de Allende


The government of San Miguel de Allende has warned the general public not to be deceived regarding a potential fraud involving the issuance of a ‘Land Use Card’, which is a provisional permit, costing 50,000 pesos.

This was made known through an official statement, in which it is indicated that the Municipal Administration, through the Directorate of Urban Development and Territorial Ordering, warns about said fraud.

The supposed municipal document called ‘Land Use Card’ does not exist, and therefore, given its non-existence, neither does the procedure that could act as a provisional permit.

This is for those who do not have the corresponding land use accredited, nor is there any charge, as made known to the public, referring to its cost of 50,000 pesos.

Clarifying that the only existing procedures that concern the municipal department in question are; Land Use Permit and Land Use Feasibility.

For which, their filling formats for processing are delivered exclusively at their facilities located inside the administrative building of the Municipal Presidency, located at Conspiración Boulevard number 130.

Therefore, in case of having been a victim, one must go to the Attorney General’s Office of the State of Guanajuato (FGE), to file the corresponding complaint.

Source: Correo Periodico