Goodbye to the heat? Surprise rains in Guanajuato with strong winds and even hail


This Wednesday, the first rains of the season were recorded in Guanajuato, marking a significant change in the state’s climate.

In several municipalities, the rainfall was intense, causing minor damage such as fallen trees and affected structures. However, in other municipalities, the rain was light and did not cause major inconveniences.

In addition to the rain, strong gusts of wind were recorded, reaching significant speeds. Local authorities have been closely monitoring the situation and have implemented preventive measures to ensure safety.

Celaya enjoys intense rain

With gusts of up to 60 kilometers per hour and hail, intense rain occurred in Celaya on Wednesday afternoon.

At the moment, some damage is reported, such as fallen trees, blown away water tanks, and the roof of a shed that flew off. This was located within the Gabriel Goujon Sánchez school, afternoon shift, located on Luis Velasco Street.

The school’s director, Rosaura Heredia, reported that they were teaching the 123 students when it started to rain. They heard the noise of the wind and saw how the roof that serves to receive the children at the entrance flew into the street.

“The rain came and a very strong gust of wind. I don’t know if it was the force of the wind or if the roof was too fragile; the fact is that it completely blew it into the street.”

The director affirmed that the students were sheltered in the classrooms and were not at risk. Upon the arrival of Civil Protection personnel, an evacuation was ordered to remove the roof due to the risk of electrification.

Two fallen trees are also reported: one on the boulevard between Guadalupe Victoria and Luis Cortazar, another in the Arboledas colony, and a third at the Miguel Hidalgo elementary school in San Miguel Octopan.

Rain also arrived in Irapuato and caused trees to fall

First, winds were recorded that reached up to 25 km per hour, leaving a fallen tree of approximately 10 meters in height in the San Joaquín subdivision to the south of the municipality, which fortunately fell on a vacant lot and with the tip only touched a house, not causing damage.

Later, the tree was removed by Civil Protection elements who had to cut it into pieces to be able to remove it. After the tree fell, a light rain was recorded in some parts of the city, which did not have a major impact on the authorities.

On their social networks, they alerted citizens and invited them to report any emergencies to 911.

Rains cause havoc in Xichú

After intense rains were recorded in the municipality of Xichú, various roads and highways were affected by landslides, as well as damage to homes and rising of various rivers that present strong currents of rainwater.

The above was reported by the municipal Civil Protection directorate, who highlighted that the heavy downpours occurred during the early hours of this Wednesday, May 29.

Immediately, various tours and inspections on foot and in units were started through the main streets to assist people affected by the flooding of their homes, due to the entry of a large amount of water as well as mud and soil.

Similarly, during the tours, some homeless people were sought out and located to support them as necessary, also, various sewers and drains that presented a large amount of waste were unclogged, which led to a considerable increase in rainwater in the streets.

Source: Periodico Correo