The “Soltero Fest” is coming to Guanajuato on June 15th, get your tickets now!


The Soltero Fest (Bachelor’s Fest) is commemorated every year, this 2024 it will take place on Saturday, June 15.

The Soltero Fest in the city of Guanajuato is an exciting opportunity for those without a partner looking to connect with their better half. The event promises to be a unique experience where the possibility of finding love is in the air.

Among the featured activities are the picturesque alleys with the Escuchantina de Guanajuato, where single men and women will have the opportunity to walk through the charming alleys of the city, illuminated by the light of the streetlights, while they sing and dance in search of that special connection. During the entire route, alcoholic beverages are allowed and it is estimated that around 250 people will participate in the mega alleyway.

In addition to the callejoneadas, participants will be able to enjoy the delicious gastronomic and cultural offerings of Guanajuato, and participate in various activities designed to encourage interaction and fun, mainly in bars and clubs.

How to buy tickets to the Soltero Fest?
The Soltero Fest is a traditional Callejoneada with the Estudiantina, with the difference that the group orients the route to a youth and singles atmosphere, as well as the participation of a much larger number of tourists than usual.

The Callejoneadas are night tours through the narrow streets of the historic center of Guanajuato accompanied by a group of musicians and singers, known as “La Estudiantentina”

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To participate in the Soltero Fest it is necessary to purchase a pass for the Callejoneada at 9:30 p.m. on June 15.

Below are some links where you can purchase a pass for the Soltero Fest:

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