In Mexico they kill a police officer (at least) every day; Guanajuato concentrates more than 15% of cases


In two years they add more than 950 agents killed. Only last January was 55. The report accuses indolence and abandonment against violence against the uniformed

Resultado de imagen de policias asesinados en mexico

In Mexico, they kill the police every day. From January 2018 to January 2020, a total of 953 agents of a police corporation lost their lives at the hands of the crime. It is, on average, at least one agent dropped every 24 hours, and that only takes into account only the cases that are publicly known.

Resultado de imagen de policias asesinados en mexico

Although police killings occur in virtually every state, Guanajuato is the most lethal entity for agents by concentrating more than 15% of the cases, or what is the same, in that state there is one in six killings of uniformed men.

This is revealed by a report by the civil organization Causa en Común that warns that the killing of agents of all corporations has become a common occurrence in our country, a phenomenon that is not only caused by impunity in the investigation of cases, but even for the disinterest of society and the government itself.

“While police killings are a direct affront to the State, most cases go unnoticed. Such is the indolence of the federal and state governments, and the social indolence, that a good part of the cases is recorded only in the internal pages of the local press ”, indicates the report presented today.

To size the phenomenon and in the absence of public and official records, the authors of the report conducted a hemeroglyphic investigation into police killings, with the support of specialists.

The data found to yield, as already said, a total of 953 police officers of all levels killed in the last two years, of which 452 correspond to 2018 (1.24 cases per day), 446 were registered in 2019 (1.16 daily homicides) and 55 occurred in January 2020 (1.74 daily). In fact, January of this year was one of the months with the highest number of police officers killed.

The study highlights the high level of violence against police officers in our country by pointing out that the rate of murdered agents is 115.8 cases per one hundred thousand police officers, a level that quintuples the homicide rate of civilians in Mexico.

Resultado de imagen de policias asesinados en mexico

The red spotlights: Guanajuato and the municipal ones

The Common Cause report reveals that there are three states in the country where 31% of all homicides of police registered in the country in the last two years are concentrated. That is, practically a third of them.

One of them is Guanajuato where the number of police officers killed is 145, which is equivalent to 15% of the total cases. Of these murders, 66 correspond to 2018, 73 to 2019, while in January another 9 cases were added. It is the entity with the greatest violence against law enforcement officers.

Guanajuato is followed by the State of Mexico with a total of 76 police officers killed from January 2018 to date, and Guerrero with a total of 72 police officers fallen.

Chihuahua, Michoacán, Jalisco, Puebla, Veracruz, Mexico City, and Sonora complete the list of the ten states with the highest number of police officers killed.

Resultado de imagen de policias asesinados en mexico

The only state that does not register any police killed in accordance with the registry made by the organization headed by María Elena Morera is Campeche with zero cases registered from 2018 to date.

On the other hand, the Common Cause report details that, of the 953 police officers killed in the last two years, 482 correspond to municipal corporations, which means that they are the most vulnerable to violence. Of them 452 were officers doing preventive work and the rest transit elements.

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There are another 413 murdered officers assigned to state security forces, of which 266 were effective preventive police officers and the rest ministerial. It also highlights the case of 21 murdered police officers assigned to prisons.

In two years there are 58 federal agents killed in the last two years, of which 46 are federal police / National Guard, 11 are PGR ministerial officers (now FGR) and 1 assigned to the security of a federal penitentiary center.

From contempt to violence

“Killing a policeman is easy, and very rarely has any consequences,” says the Common Cause report.

And, according to the authors, on the issue of violence against police officers, we not only find the chronic inefficiency of the State to solve crimes, but also social and governmental apathy towards the agents and therefore towards what happens to them.

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“The police suffer from multiple shortcomings and shortcomings resulting from chronic institutional abandonment, generally characterized by insufficient and poorly exercised budgets; abusive working conditions; and increasing gaps between their development processes, their operational reality and the laws that govern them. To this, there is a broad social disregard for police corporations, ”the report warns.

Resultado de imagen de policias asesinados en mexico

The indolence is such, Cause in Common points out, that many of the murders of journalists end up only registered in press pages, without any message of condemnation or follow-up by local or federal governments.

In this context of multiple deficiencies and deficiencies, the police face a job that puts them at high risk every day, and yet most of them try to do a good job.

Resultado de imagen de policias asesinados en mexico

“We will continue to insist that we must recognize the police work, we must take care of those who care for us, and we must strengthen the institutional capacities to punish the growing number of murders in the country,” says the organization.

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