16 parties suspended for not attending to sanitation measures in Guanajuato


Among the celebrations was a wedding with 450 guests when only 100 maximum are allowed. Four XV year parties and one birthday were also canceled.

León, Guanajuato (September 7th, 2020).- The General Directorate of Inspection suspended 16 parties for not attending to health measures, among them the celebration of three couples who had contracted marriage and together celebrated the occasion.

Unit staff found 450 guests at weddings, when only a maximum of 100 are allowed.

The party took place in an open-air space, in the Parques de la Noria neighborhood in Leon, Guanajuato.

Inspection reported that they also canceled four XV-year parties (Quinceañera) in which there were approximately 250 people, as well as an alleged birthday party with more than 400 attendees.

The birthday party was being held in the Santa Ana del Conde community with a charge of 130 pesos for each guest’s access, and drinks were sold to the attendees inside (which is obviously against the law).

“It was found that alcoholic beverages were offered in the place, which was insured; a total of 244 beers and some bottles of wine, “he said.

In the last week, four sonidero‘s dances were also suspended, in which there were between 150 and 200 people.

In this sense, the auditors closed a canteen and a billiard for failing to comply with the sanitary measures imposed to avoid contagion of Covid-19 and applied sanctions in a restaurant bar and a business that sells food and beer.

Source: El Universal

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