SSG reinforces the fight against dengue in San Miguel de Allende


The Guanajuato Health System in coordination with the Sanitary Jurisdiction II with headquarters in San Miguel de Allende urges the entire population to reinforce the strategy of: Wash, cover, flip, throw to prevent the spread of the mosquito dengue transmitter.

Health professionals work together with the area of vectors, strengthening the prevention of this disease.

The work teams are made up of brigades and will be knocking on the doors of homes to review, verify and reinforce the prevention measures for the virus that is transmitted by the bite of this mosquito; Therefore, they asks for the support of all citizens to give them access to the patio and common area in their homes.

The staff will be wearing a yellow jacket and identification as health sector workers.

Dr. Daniel Alberto Diaz Martínez Secretary of Health reported that dengue can be prevented if the mosquito and its potential breeding sites are timely eradicated; since their breeding is found mostly in containers of clean stagnant water for more than a week.

It will also start with rounds of nebulization in different parts of the city; fumigation that allows to counteract the breeding of the same.

This mosquito was found mainly in tropical and subtropical areas of the world; but with climatic changes its presence in our area increases, in addition to having a great food preference for humans.

The recommendation is:

Wash buckets, tanks, water tanks, vases and any container that accumulates water.

Cover containers that store water.

Flip buckets, drums or tubs.

Throw away bottles, tires, cans or dishes that are not being used.

Symptoms of the dengue virus can appear within the first 7 to 10 days after being bitten by an infected mosquito and include high fever, headache, muscle and joint pain, nausea and vomiting, rash, and pain behind the knees. eyes.

Therefore, if in addition to fever if any other symptom occurs, it is important to go to the nearest Health Center for review.

Source: Press Release