More than 30 people who were kidnapped were rescued in Guanajuato, Mexico


In the middle of the operation, the authorities managed to capture 9 members of the gang responsible for putting these people in captivity.

Crime in Mexico does not cease, and in addition to the related crimes related to the drug trafficking business, cases of kidnapping for extortion have also begun to emerge in some of the states of the Mexican Republic.

This is precisely the case of 36 people who were recently rescued in the state of Guanajuato, more precisely in the city of Cuerámaro, where uniformed officers from the Specialized Unit for the Investigation of Missing Persons arrived to carry out a special operation that also left 8 people captured.

According to authorities from that city, in statements taken up by local media, the people who were found in Guanajuato had been reported missing in other Mexican territories, belonging to the same state, such as Ciudad Manuel Doblado, and León.

One of the particularities described in the operation refers to the detention site that had been used by the captors to keep their hostages, without the community suspecting the irregularities that were occurring there.

The explosion occurred around 7:50 am (local time) and caused minor injuries to the police commander himself, who was taken to a hospital.

In this sense, the Mexican authorities described that the captives were imprisoned in a kind of Rehabilitation Center for people with addictions, so no one suspected that the people detained there were really kidnapped citizens.

However, the existence of some complaints, which were reported to the authorities, made it possible to highlight the situation, and to deploy the special operation by the aforementioned specialized Unit, which allowed the operation in a sector known as Jesús María, in a conical neighborhood like Los Arroyitos, as described by the newspaper El Universal.

Regarding the rescue operation, it was made up of a joint force, which included units attached to the Army, the National Guard and the State Forces, who under the supervision of public prosecutor agencies carried out the intervention, and thus achieved the rescue of this group of victims.

In addition to this, in the middle of the operation, the authorities managed to capture a group of about 9 people; 8 men and a woman, who would be responsible for kidnapping this group of hostages.

These people will be placed at the disposal of the judicial authorities, and accused or investigated for the crime of “illegal deprivation of liberty”.

In addition to being able to determine that the detainees were camouflaged in a rehabilitation center; more precisely in an annex building, the authorities also pointed out to local media in Mexico that said place was used as the headquarters of an alleged criminal group, taking advantage of its facade.

In the middle of the operation, according to local media, the authorities were able to verify that those rescued correspond to people who were there against their will. After the release, the rescued were placed in the hands of medical personnel who evaluated them to verify the health conditions in which they were found.

Regarding the people captured, the Guanajuato Prosecutor’s Office, in a list taken up by El Universal, gave the identity of those detained for the crime of kidnapping:

Juan Ricardo “N” aka El Chile

César “N”, “El Chícharo”

Heriberto “N”, aka “El Beto”

Juan Luis “N”, aka “Don Luis”

José Manuel “N”, aka “El Mármol”

Adam “N”, aka “el Gordo”

José Antonio “N”, aka “El Tony”

José “N”, aka “El Wero”

Fernanda Lizbeth “N” aka Fer.

All of them were brought before the control judge, to legalize their capture.

Source: Semana