Shooting attack leaves one dead and one injured in San Miguel de Allende 


An armed attack inside a home in the Palmita de Landeta neighborhood, in the municipality of San Miguel de Allende, left one man dead and another seriously injured. 

The events occurred minutes before 9 pm yesterday, on Huizache Street, almost on the corner of Garambullo. 

According to authorities, the victim was identified as Juan Andrés, 35, who died almost instantly due to injuries to his head. The injured person was identified as Salvador, alias “El Diablito”, 28 years old, who is a police custody at a hospital. 

The first reports from the authorities indicate that Juan and “El Diablito” were in a house on De Cardón Street when several men arriving in a vehicle with tinted windows arrived. 

At least two  got out of the vehicle and forcibly entered the house. Without saying a word, those responsible began to shoot repeatedly at Juan and “El Diablito.” 

Juan was shot at head level, while Salvador managed to run a few meters, but was hit by the bullets and fell wounded. Once the murderers committed the attack, they got into the vehicle and fled. 

Neighbors called 911 and San Miguel de Allende police officers, as well as paramedics, arrived at the scene. The paramedics checked Juan, but found that he no longer had vital signs. 

“El Diablito” was taken to a hospital in a private vehicle but was later taken into custody by officers for the crimes mentioned. 

The perimeter was delimited with yellow tape by preventive agents and National Guard agents. Forensic experts were in charge of collecting the signs and evidence, and at the end, they ordered the lifting and transfer of Juan’s body to the amphitheater. 

  Source: AM