Human remains abandoned in Pénjamo and San Miguel de Allende


Pénjamo, Guanajuato.- The body of a murdered man, which showed signs of violence and was half-eaten by the local fauna, was located this Tuesday morning in a corn field, in the Paredes community in the Sierra de Pénjamo, so far it has not been identified.

The body was located around 10:00 a.m. this Tuesday, on the side of the rural road that leads from Tierras Negras to the Rancho Nuevo de Gutiérrez community, approximately 40 minutes from the municipal seat.

Elements of the Municipal Police found the body of a man approximately 35 years old, which showed signs of violence. The body was in poor condition as it was half-eaten by the local fauna.

Because there were no signs of decomposition, it is believed that the victim was murdered in the place where he was located, during the early hours of that day.

The ministerial authorities have opened an investigation file to try to identify the murdered man and thereby establish a probable motive for his murder.

Because the people who pass through this area daily could not identify him, it was said that he was a resident of the communities located in the Sierra de Pénjamo and it was not ruled out that he was a resident of the municipal seat.

The Sierra de Pénjamo is gradually suffering cases of insecurity. Just on September 3, armed individuals took a young man of almost 30 years of age to the entrance to the El Zarco community and tried to kill him.

The victim managed to survive the attack and was helped by local emergency services personnel. The places where these last two events occur are almost 3 kilometers away from each other.

This Tuesday, human remains were recovered from hilly areas in the municipalities of Huanímaro and Pénjamo. In both cases, the remains were in an advanced state of decomposition; none of the victims have been identified.

The first discovery was recorded around 5:00 p.m. this Tuesday afternoon, in the vicinity of the Santa Martha neighborhood in the city of Huanímaro.

At the site and semi-buried, the ministerial authorities managed to recover several human bones. To date, the sex of the victim and his approximate age have not been established.

After being recovered, the remains were taken in the evidence transfer unit to the Forensic Medical Service in Guanajuato capital, where they can undergo various studies to be identified.

The second discovery occurred almost an hour later, in a hilly area of the community of Veredas in Pénjamo, a town that is more than 25 kilometers from the municipal seat near the borders with the State of Michoacán.

At the scene and according to the first reports, a human skull with a bullet wound and other bone remains was located.

The remains were not buried because the ground where they were located is very hard. The discovery occurred almost a kilometer from the community, in a hilly area that is difficult to access where you can only enter on foot.

A lifeless man was found lying on a dirt road on the side of the highway to Juventino Rosas

The Attorney General’s Office of Guanajuato announced this Tuesday that it is investigating the discovery of this body, and in the processing of the evidence that was collected.

On Monday afternoon, residents of the La Cabaña community notified the police about the discovery of an apparently lifeless body on the dirt road before reaching the community of Santa Rita de Caspia. Upon arrival, the police confirmed the report and notified the public ministry.

The Prosecutor’s Office announced that it is a man, who so far has not been identified. The criminal experts found bags that are already being processed to integrate them into the investigations.

The victim is approximately 45 years old and was taken to the Forensic Medical Service for an autopsy.

Source: Periodico Correo