TikTok: Foreigner is shocked by the design of shopping centers in Mexico


Lillian is an American who lives in Guanajuato and has captured the attention of thousands of followers by documenting her life in the country.

Lillian, an American living in Guanajuato, has captured the attention of thousands of followers by documenting her life in the country, highlighting the cultural richness, gastronomy, music and peculiarities that she has discovered since her arrival.

Through a series of videos, Lillian shares her fascination with different aspects of Mexico, introducing her followers to picturesque places, culinary experiences, and everyday details that have amazed her.

Her encounter with Mexican culture is enriched with personal anecdotes, such as meeting her boyfriend in the United States, her training as a Spanish teacher, and her move to Guanajuato.

Foreigner is fascinated by the shopping centers in Mexico

In one of her most recent videos, Lillian dove into the topic of shopping centers in Mexico, highlighting her amazement at the vitality and diversity these spaces offer.

As she explored the place, she expressed her surprise when comparing it to those in the United States, noting that in Mexico, shopping centers are busy and active places, unlike the feeling of desolation she perceives in her native country.

“This isn’t even the best one I’ve seen, but this place is still beautiful. I have to show you the ones in Guadalajara next time I go, they really are crazy. But these malls are outside,” Lillian enthused.

The diversity of stores, brands and architecture of these shopping centers impressed Lillian, who highlighted the vitality of these spaces as entertainment and consumption destinations for Mexicans.

Source: El Imparcial