Official sale of the Halcón II, Guanajuato aircraft, is completed


The plane has positioned Guanajuato in the aeronautical industry

This Saturday the official sale of the Halcón II, Guanajuato aircraft and manufactured in Celaya, began, for which authorities from the world of aviation and the Mexican aerospace sector met at the Atizapán Aerodrome, within the Jorge Jiménez Cantú National Airport; with businessmen interested in acquiring the two-seater plane.

This was announced by the Coordinator for Foreign Promotion (COFOCE) in Guanajuato, through a press release. It should be mentioned that just on February 6, the director of Economic Development of Celaya, Eduardo Kanpp Hernández, announced that the Halcón II had received the certification to start its commercialization, by the Federal Civil Aviation Agency (AFAC).

And this February 24, the approach was already made with the interested businessmen, where the presence of Gregorio García Morales, president of the Mexican Association of Aeronautical and Aerospace Institutions (AMEIA) who commented: “First of all I want to send a greeting to the authorities of Guanajuato and in the same way to all the engineers who participated in this event, to the technicians, mechanics in all their areas; because this effort, this work that they have been developing to be able to reach this point, to this demonstration that we are going to see today, is very important.

“I do not want to leave without mentioning also all the motivation and all the effort that Gabriel Quesada has been doing to generate all this type of situations, and, above all, that we are already talking one hundred percent of Mexican technology that will promote income and that will promote a better future for a better aviation for all Mexicans”.

The development of the “Halcón II” is a living testimony that the innovation and entrepreneurship ecosystem of Guanajuato is a reality that drives the development of the state’s aerospace sector. At the time, the director of Economic Development of Celaya, mentioned that the company was only waiting for the response of this last procedure to promote the sale of the plane.

The collaboration between the Government, the Municipality of Celaya and the Bajío Aerospace Cluster has been fundamental for the success of the project, generating strategic alliances that promote the continuous growth of the sector.

For his part, the executive director of the Mexican Federal Civil Aviation Agency, Pablo Carranza, commented: “The Mexican Federal Civil Aviation Agency has the great honor of following up on this very important development, it has been difficult for the originators of this project to reach this level, to this achievement. We really congratulate the Horizontec company and everyone who has participated in the design and development of this aircraft.

“The success of the flight of the Guanajuato aircraft at this aerodrome would mean being able to market and fly it in 95 percent of the world’s airports,” said Giovanni Angelucci, CEO of the Celaya company Horizontec who also commented: “For us to see all of you gathered, authorities, governments and all these personalities gathered here today is a dream”.

He also thanked the Government of Guanajuato, the Coordinator for Foreign Trade Promotion (COFOCE) and the Bajío Aerospace Cluster (BJX) represented by the businessman

Source: El Sol del Bajio