San Miguel de Allende is the best gastronomic destination in the country


Once again, San Miguel de Allende becomes a national benchmark, as it has been awarded as the “Best Gastronomic Destination in Mexico” by Food and Travel magazine.

The government of San Miguel reports that the international gastronomy and travel editorial, which, through entertaining and delicious stories, shows the history, culture and secrets of various corners of the world, awarded the prestigious prize to this World Heritage city.

The award was given during the “Food And Travel Reader Awards 2023”, among which were nominated: Mexico City, La Paz, Los Cabos, Oaxaca and Puebla.

This award ceremony was held on Thursday, February 22 from Mexico City, where Tania Castillo, municipal director of Economic Development and Tourism and the president of the National Chamber of the Restaurant and Spiced Food Industry (Canirac SMA), Francisco Aguirre and represented all the San Miguel residents.

“That speaks of a strong work of the sector, it represents waiters, hoteliers, what it entails: housekeepers, those who are in the laundry, those who make purchases, managers, etc., that sector is huge.

“These awards are the ones that the San Miguel residents win. It is not a prize of the president, it is a prize of the waiter, the taxi driver, the dishwashers, the chef, it is a prize of all those of the guild that generate an experience of coming to San Miguel”, said the mayor Mauricio Trejo.

Source: Quadratin