Mexican politician Fernández Noroña says ex-president Vicent Fox enjoys a Federal Government pension


José Gerardo Rodolfo Fernández Noroña is a Mexican politician and sociologist, he is a member of the Labor Party. He is known for his protest acts, especially after the 2006 presidential elections. He was a federal deputy on two occasions between 2009 and 2012 and once again since 2018.

Gerardo Fernández Noroña declared that Mexican Ex-President Vicente Fox is one of the beneficiaries of the pension for older adults granted by the Federal Government.

“They say that we use clientelism and we give it to everyone, for example, we give the elderly pension to the empty-headed Fox, even though he is a snake, which is proof that we do not discriminate against anyone,” Fernandez Noroña said at a campaign event of Alma Alcaraz, a candidate for the governorship of Guanajuato representing the Morena-PT-PVEM coalition.

Before men and women gathered at the public event, Fernández Noroña criticized the State Government’s Pink Card of support for women. “The Pink Card is conditioning for electoral purposes, only for those who vote for them,” Noroña said referring to a social program of the Guanajuato State Government.

He said that they went from 80 thousand cards to 330 thousand because there is going to be an electoral process and once the electoral process is over they are going to lower the figure to 50 thousand again because they are traffickers of the people’s poverty and pain.

Noroña finished saying that the Guanajuato State Government is impoverishing the people and then coming supposedly to help them only to screw them again 6 years later.

Source: OEM

San Miguel Post