Salamanca Police commander is executed; his partner is seriously injured


SALAMANCA, GUANAJUATO (March 14th, 2024).- Armed men attacked the police officers when they were traveling on Morelos Boulevard aboard a patrol car.

commander of the Municipal Police of Salamanca was murdered on Thursday, March 14th, around 8 PM, by armed individuals who ambushed him as he left the C4, his colleague was seriously injured.

They were traveling on Morelos Boulevard aboard a patrol car.


At that moment, from another vehicle, men with long weapons shot at them, hitting both agents and fleeing in an unknown direction.

At the sound of the loud gunshots, several residents of some neighborhoods near the events became alarmed and some even had a nervous breakdown.

As usual, no arrests have been made in connection with this terrible crime.

Source: Excelsior

San Miguel Post