22 Injured in Fire During a WEDDING at a FAMOUS HACIENDA in San Miguel de Allende


A wedding ended in tragedy as a fire occurred in the hall where the event was taking place in San Miguel de Allende, Guanajuato, resulting in 22 people with injuries, but out of danger.

The incident took place on Saturday night at the Hacienda de los Arcángeles, a venue that rents its facilities for various social events, such as weddings.

The Red Cross Delegation of San Miguel de Allende reported that they responded to a fire at the location where a wedding was being celebrated; therefore, six ambulances and the Rescue unit were dispatched to the scene.

They added that a total of 22 people were treated for burn injuries, and five of them were transported to different hospitals in mild condition.

In addition to the Red Cross SMA, Civil Protection of the Municipality, Municipal Public Security Secretariat, Firefighters’ Patronage, Firefighters and Paramedics, SEDENA, Municipal Transit, SEETS, and San Miguel Emergencies also arrived at the scene.

Although the fire was extinguished during the night, this morning Firefighters and Paramedics continued with removal and cooling tasks at the Hacienda Los Arcángeles.

For its part, the Hacienda issued a statement confirming the events and highlighting that the venue did not suffer major damage, and they are already working for the venue to resume normal and safe operations.

 “Fortunately, and thanks to the quick action of the emergency services and our team, we can confirm that there were only some people with non-life-threatening injuries, who have already been treated and received the necessary medical attention,” they added.

It is worth noting that the cause of the fire has not yet been confirmed, but unofficially it was said that the fire may have originated from the dance floor, under a tent in the gardens of the hacienda, which was completely burned down.

Source: Debate