Corruption and waste: Sanitizing tunnels in San Miguel de Allende


Despite warnings about the inefficiency and danger of sanitizing tunnels, the administration of Luis Alberto Villarreal acquired 43 million-dollar tunnels.

Corrupción y despilfarro: Los túneles sanitizantes de San Miguel de Allende

Despite clear warnings from the federal Ministry of Health on April 8, 2020, about the ineffectiveness and dangers of sanitizing tunnels, the administration of Luis Alberto Villarreal (2018-2021) ignored these recommendations and acquired 43 “sanitizing arches” for almost 3.5 million pesos.

In June 2020, two months after the Ministry of Health’s exhortation, the government of Luis Alberto Villarreal bought 20 arches from “Comercializadora y Distribuidora Sagitario” for 1.82 million pesos, including 60 days of disinfectant for the municipal presidency.

Curiously, this microenterprise, established with only 50 thousand pesos, has received million-dollar contracts for various concepts, from high-end medicines to furniture, despite the fact that these products are not included in its corporate purpose. Her Facebook page has not been active since June 2019, and her legal representative, Mónica Camacho, registered the company’s address in the Colonia Tabacalera in Mexico City, in a rented office building.

On June 11, 2020, the 2018-2021 administration of San Miguel de Allende acquired another 17 tunnels from the individual Brenda Lance Gómez for 1.4 million pesos. Without a history as a contractor or contact information in the supplier registry, Gómez only presents herself as a communicator on her social network X, and participated in productions in Mexico City.

Despite this, this supplier obtained two additional contracts in 2020 for the purchase of sanitizing mats and protective overalls, for 199 thousand 825 pesos and 138 thousand 747 pesos, respectively.

In July of that same year, Covid-19 cases increased by 200% in one week in the municipality of San Miguel de Allende.

In September, 8 more arches were purchased from “Comercial Garante del Bajío S.A. de C.V.” for 250,560 pesos. This company, established in 2019, was not authorized to receive authorization from COFEPRIS at that time. In addition, its registered address is a modest home in Celaya, and its majority shareholder, Jaime Roberto Ortiz Herrera, only has two public contracts.

Currently, the contracts for these sanitizing arches are incomplete on the transparency platforms. The specifications and cost per unit are not known. This spending on ineffective tools and the irregularities in contracts and suppliers reflect the corruption in the administration of Luis Alberto Villarreal García. Today, these arches are stored in municipal warehouses, reminding us of a government that San Miguel de Allende does not deserve to repeat.

Source: losangelespress