When will the work on the Silao – San Miguel de Allende highway begin?

¿Cuándo iniciarán las obras de la autopista Silao – San Miguel de Allende? Esto dice la SICOM

The Secretary of Infrastructure, Connectivity and Mobility, José Guadalupe Tarcisio Rodríguez Martínez, mentioned that the bidding process is currently underway for the construction of the Silao – San Miguel de Allende highway, which is packaged together with actions for the Silao – Guanajuato highway. This includes the relocation of the toll booth, which is expected to begin construction in December.

“It will be done in a single stage, with a design that already has the executive project. There will be ten lanes, that is, enough, with the possibility of reversibility in some sections (…) there could be up to 7 in one direction and 3 in the other.”

Regarding these works, he mentioned the importance of the complete rehabilitation of the Silao – Guanajuato highway: “which includes the entire rolling layer, that is, all the kilometers completely rehabilitated from the base (…) including the central barrier.”

Source: periodicocorreo