Handicrafts promoted during weekends in July and August in San Miguel de Allende


uring this month of July and August, the Municipal Government, headed by Mauricio Trejo, continues to promote crafts that highlight the beauty and talent of San Miguel de Allende.

In support of the families of San Miguel artisans, various craft exhibitions are being held that promote the cultural essence of the “Best Small City in the World.”

With the aim of strengthening the local economy, during the weekends of July and August, events such as the weekly editions of the “Muestra Artesanal” and the traditional “Feria Artesanal San Miguel de Allende 2024” will be held.

At these events, unique pieces of traditional crafts will be exhibited, handmade by local artisans, available to both tourists and visitors.

The “Muestra Artesanal” will offer a variety of handmade objects every weekend from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. in the Plaza de los Insurgentes, known as “Plaza Garibaldi.”

Here you can find home products, decoration and gifts such as mirrors, lamps, mats, hearts, high-quality jewelry and great designs, all made by San Miguel families from various communities, colonies and popular neighborhoods.

As a highlight, from July 24 to 28, a new edition of the “San Miguel de Allende 2024 Artisan Fair” will be held on the esplanade of the Main Garden.

This event will have the largest in-person exhibition of the color and beauty of local crafts, attracting thousands of local and foreign visitors.

With these events, support for the economy of San Miguel artisan families is reaffirmed.

In line with the tourism strategy of President Mauricio Trejo, the artisanal magic continues to be promoted, presenting unique pieces that represent the wealth of San Miguel.

The Municipal Government continues to work to strengthen the local economy and promote the talent of San Miguel artisan families.

These events not only beautify the homes of tourists and visitors, but also consolidate San Miguel de Allende as the ambassador of Guanajuato.

Local crafts continue to make Mexico and the world beat, showing that every day it is better.

Source: zonafranca