In the midst of quarantine, Queretaro citizens ignored the recommendations and traveled to the neighboring state, to spend the weekend 

This weekend many people from Querétaro broke the quarantine and went on vacation to the municipality of San Miguel de Allende in Guanajuato, announced the Secretary of Health, Julio César Ramírez Argüello.

In this sense, he reported that because of this situation, the cases of the COVID-19 virus in the state could double, since it was identified that there were lines of up to 45 minutes to enter, and most of the vehicles had Querétaro plates.

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“We have reports that many people went to San Miguel de Allende, and with this we expect a peak in cases in the following two weeks. Yesterday they were queuing up to 45 minutes and the vast majority of the plates were from Querétaro, so you have to be alert, because we do expect a peak and I want to make it very clear, this will jump in the next two weeks “, express.

The crowds of people in the downtown area, squares, and markets did not wait this June 1st in San Miguel de Allende. After the staggered return to the “new normal” was declared, the population relaxed health measures to prevent the spread of the coronavirus.

It seems that the majority of the population was already fed up with the confinement that the coronavirus pandemic brought on for more than two months since this Monday several groups of San Miguel residents could be seen walking the main square of the city and its squares. From children, babies, senior citizens, and pregnant women.

The official noted that the spikes in virus cases definitely skyrocket over the weekends, after recalling that as a result of May 10, there were several hospitalized.

“The two maximum peaks we have had in the last month was May 22, as a consequence of May 10, 147 were hospitalized there; and May 31, which is today with 142 hospitalized patients. These are the two peaks that we have seen and that this accounting for the evolution of the disease has something of consequence to see from May 10 onwards, “he said.

Finally, the secretary added that as a result of the increase in cases, the number of tests has also increased practically threefold.

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