San Miguel de Allende repairs and prepares for the rainy season


San Miguel de Allende, Gto. Because the municipality does not have storm drainage, it increases its vulnerability to suffering blockages in the drainage system. Citizen participation and awareness is essential to avoid littering and avoid its clogging drainage pipes. (SAPASMA) work in a coordinated way to prevent floods and floods.

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The rainy season began on May 15 and is expected to end in mid-September, reported the director of Civil Protection, Josafat Enriquez. This Monday was the first characteristic precipitation of San Miguel de Allende, it lasted from 8 at night to 04:00. According to the average of the three CONAGUA stations, the average catchment was 39.33.

With the rains and the geographical conditions of the municipality, the sand runoff from the hills is “natural”, which continues through the streets and if there is garbage, the sewers are blocked. The sanitary drainage works at certain times as storm drainage, therefore, when there are strong storms it lacks the capacity to drain the water, so the water current looks for an exit and ends up ” popping open” the drainage lids.

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This was detailed by Francisco Jiménez, director of the San Miguel de Allende Drinking Water and Sewerage System (SAPASMA). Even, he said, one of the most significant examples is the sewer at the corner of Hernández Macias and Calzada de la Luz, the runoff converges and the garbage is blocked.


For their part, the Municipal Government directorates carry out coordinated actions to prevent disasters in the rainy season.

Public Services and Quality of Life with the Environment and Sustainability and SAPASMA unravel channels; Welfare and Social Development with Infrastructure and Public Works provide preventive maintenance to the boards in communities and in urban areas, SAPASMA cleans drains and sewers.

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The Municipal Civil Protection Council scheduled activities for preventive actions and care for rainy seasons. This body is chaired by the mayor Luis Alberto Villarreal García and is made up of the secretary of the Town Hall, Trustee, Secretary of Public Security, the director of Civil Protection, of the Sanitary Jurisdiction, the director of the General Hospital, the president of the Red Cross, the of the Board of Firefighters and the directors of government, the DIF and the State Police.

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Any report will be attended through the 911 Emergency Call Center. The prevention, surveillance and attention operations by the Civil Protection will be permanent.

SAPASMA carries out cleaning of drains and revision of culverts to free them of stony material that generates a “plugging” by garbage that is carried by the rain; the Directorate of Public Services and Quality of Life summons citizens to contribute from sweeping each front of the houses, put the garbage in its place and close the containers of their domestic waste well, to prevent them from swirling in sewers and generating puddles.

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