The 5 hidden sites tour guides won’t show you in Guanajuato


There are hidden places that are not accessible by tourists or even localsMagical terraces where the sunset is contemplated, a walk between mountain ranges and mountains not far away from where the trees hardly let in the sunlight. Peculiarities that are in the very center of the city and corners where you have to walk a little more. Buildings and floors that saw this city born and grow.

Let’s start!

1.- Terrace “La Cimbra”, House Four

Today we will not talk about how you eat there or what curios they sell. Nor from the art exhibitions that come. Today we describe and recommend why go to the top of this building. As a welcome, pieces of music from the highly acclaimed French selection. You have to climb about 30 steps. In the course, smell of coffee and tea. Ascending to the terrace, the cupola of the temple of La Compañía welcomes you. If you want to see the sun behind the mountains, arrive at 7:40 PM.

In the place, you can enjoy gastronomy, art, and design. Photography: (Alex Ramblas) 

2.- Cerro de ” La Bufa ” and ” Sierra de Santa Rosa “

Take your boots, a rope, lots of water and breath! If you like to be a woman or a mountain man and explore, there are two places to oxygenate your body and upload many Instagram photos. With patience and respect, you will be able to observe deer (Santa Rosa).

Due to its proximity, we will dedicate the first part to La Bufa: about 15 minutes from the city center is this beautiful natural resource. We do not tell you more, better discover how many caves there are. The Sierra de Santa Rosa has countless and even unexplored spaces. For now, we share that there is an ejidal reserve called ” Las Palomas ” (you can put it on Google Maps and get there). This is where you can get to see deer while camping.

The Sierra de Santa Rosa is a protected natural area. Photography: (Alex Ramblas)

3.- Ex Dieguino Convent Museum

At first, a museum is already surprising. Now imagine an underground museum; a historical and beautiful madness. You pass under a temple that is kissing the Juárez Theater ( San Diego, coincidentally). In addition to representing a place between walls and arches built dozens of years ago, here, plastic artists and historians seek and manage to share their works and learning, data, and curiosities.

The museum is located under the streets of the heart of Guanajuato. Photography: (Alex Ramblas)

4.- The House of Las Brujas

Maybe you already saw it and maybe you’ve already heard of it. A beautiful symmetrical and multicolored farm with many stories around its origin. It is located towards the Presa de la Olla and is now part of a luxurious boutique hotel. Surrounded by lavender flowers, without a doubt the most Instagrammer site on the list.

The witches’ house is a place full of enigmatic stories that are worth visiting. Photography: (Alex Ramblas)

5.- Dam Route. Mata Dam and Peralillo Dam

Being frank, it is not easy to get there. Even for some, locals it is confusing. What we recommend here is that you ask along the way as you go along. And yes, a van is also required for the dirt road (unless you don’t mind exposing your car to a few bumps with rocks).

This experience is more aimed at those who practice sports such as motocross, mountain biking, and fishing. But you can also have a great picnic, eat a hamburger with a cold soda.

Complete families come to enjoy these green spaces. Photography (Alex Ramblas)


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