Uber user in León Guanajuato denounces that the driver masturbated during the trip


“It was touching it !” Reported a young woman who was recorded at the end of her trip in an Uber and who, visibly affected, narrated that the driver was masturbating while driving in León, Guanajuato.

The driver was identified as Fernando Osvaldo, who, according to a description of his Uber account, took 3,341 trips, with a 4.9 rating, for 7 months.

The complaint was made through the Twitter account of the photojournalist @alexramblasr, who published the 2:20 minute video, where the young woman is seen upset and holding back crying after getting out of the car and paying the 70 pesos for the trip.

La usuaria de Uber narró parte de lo sucedido en un video que se publicó en redes sociales. Foto: Tomada de video

In León, #Guanajuato , a young woman broadcast live and recounted the moment when a @Uber_MEX driver harassed her during the trip. pic.twitter.com/KPclSXTWtA

– Alex Ramblas 📽 (@alexramblasr) September 18, 2020

“Oh! Look ”and showed her trembling hand. She started crying as she shook her head and tried not to look directly at the camera. “Güey, he was touching himself!”, He indicated, and after a quick glance, he pointed out: “Oh no, there it is!” and he continued sobbing: “Oh no, if you can see it!” and he kept walking and crying: “Uta, how scary, no mames!” and kept recording and crying. Don’t stain, go! ” and he showed his trembling hand again and then added: “Oh no, what a horror! It was horrible, really! I do not…!”

On the complainant’s account, @Uber_Support announced: “In the event of a report of this nature, we always take the appropriate measures from the first moment. This process includes disabling the driver’s account while the corresponding investigation is being carried out, as well as contacting the user, which we have already done in this case.

“At Uber, we are absolutely respectful of the user’s testimony and courage in making public the account of her experience. Nobody should go through a situation like the one described, “he added.

When making the complaint, @alexramblasr explained: “In León, #Guanajuato, a young woman broadcast live and narrated the moment in which the @Uber_MEX driver harassed her during the trip” and the reactions were those who did believe the girl and those who questioned the video or those who took the opportunity to launch messages of another nature.

This is pointed guy: pic.twitter.com/ghQt58LQJm

– Alex Ramblas 📽 (@alexramblasr) September 18, 2020

Source: proceso.com.mx

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