For the first time in 96 years, San Miguel’s Alborada is carried out virtually


San Miguel de Allende, Gto., September 29, 2020.- In a historical event, almost a century after its beginning, for the first time the Traditional ALBORADA is being carried out virtually, in attention to the health contingency; Small groups of people from the representative neighborhoods of this festival participated: La Aurora, Valle del Maíz and La Estación.

Through a broadcast on television, radio, information web portals, and social networks, the activities of this celebration began with the traditional mañanitas to the city’s patron saint, San Miguel Arcángel, minutes before 9:00 at night from the emblematic Parish with a small number of parishioners.

Later, at 3:00 in the morning, the historian, Graciela Cruz, shared a review of the Alborada and important data about previous years in which a large number of San Miguel residents and visitors congregated in the Main Garden.

Twenty minutes later, the contingents from the three neighborhoods arrived at the first square of the city to walk and dance in the company of the band around the garden. With the first ringing of the bells of the public clock, at 4:00 AM sharp, the burning of pyrotechnics began.

About SMA Alborada

Alborada and Celebration of San Miguel Archangel Patron saint of San Miguel. The main religious festivity is celebrated each year the weekend following the September 29th, so the date can vary between September and October.

This Festivity starts with La Alborada, a Friday night full of Music and fireworks, in the main square, this ends with Las Mañanitas to San Miguel Archangel. The following Saturday many communities bring to the Saint offerings called “Xuchiles” made with flowers, bread and cucharilla, and these communities are accompanied with conchero dancers up to the main square.

On Sunday there is a parade of dancers from Zacatecas, Morelos, Veracruz, Jalisco, Queretaro and other cities, just to offer their dance to the Saint.These 3 days we can enjoy of the fireworks in the main plaza in the heights.


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