“Highway of death” the San Miguel de Allende-Dolores Hidalgo stretch claims more lives


Four more lives were taken on the stretch of highway between San Miguel de Allende and Dolores Hidalgo in recent days. The cars were destroyed

San Miguel de Allende, Gto.- Three days apart, the federal highway that goes from San Miguel de Allende to Dolores Hidalgo, a few meters from the access to the La Vista neighborhood, was the scene of two spectacular accidents. In both events, the victims were rescued from wrecked vehicles.


The first accident occurred in the afternoon – the night of Wednesday, October 21. A Volkswagen Jetta car was crashed into the back of a trailer. Half of the vehicle was trapped under the cargo unit box. There was a driver inside.

The 35-year-old man, a survivor of the spectacular accident, was rescued from behind bars. Work by the emergency team of Civil Protection and Paramedics of the San Miguel de Allende Red Cross rescued the victim in just 30 minutes.

The director of Civil Protection of San Miguel de Allende, Josafat Enríquez revealed that apparently, the driver of the trailer tried to make a “u” turn on the road. Causing the driver of the Jetta vehicle to be hit.

The victim remained conscious during the rescue. It was reported that he was originally from Mexico. The injuries to his legs were classified as considerable, the dashboard and motor of the unit pressed them. Survived.


This Saturday afternoon, four deaths was the balance of the accident registered in the same place, the federal San Miguel de Allende-Dolores Hidalgo, near the access to La Vista.

The incident was reported to 911 around 5:00 p.m. It was reported that two vehicles were involved. A silver-colored Chevrolet Aveo sedan, in which three people were traveling and a 3-ton truck of the Nissan brand, driven by a man.

When the emergency was attended by Civil Protection elements and Red Cross paramedics, it was found that the Aveo pilot and co-pilot no longer had vital signs. His death was instantaneous, they reported.

In the back of the sedan was a woman. Which resulted in severe fractures and amputation of an arm. She was transferred alive to receive medical attention. However, his death was reported at the hospital.

From the driver of the van, they worked to rescue him from the twisted irons of the compressed unit. He passed away in the process.

Due to the complexity, due to the state of the vehicles involved, the road was affected in its circulation for more than 5 hours.

Source: guanajuato.lasillarota.com

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