San Miguel de Allende, “province” of the United States, votes democrat


The North American expat community that resides in the San Miguel municipality has a preference for the democrat Joe Biden

San Miguel de Allende, Guanajuato.- So that Americans could vote outside their country, they implemented specific measures by state. In the case of Cate, an American from Texas who has lived in San Miguel for 7 yearscast her vote with the help of the internet and the Mexico Post Office.

Cate downloaded her ballot from the web. She registered on the Texas electoral page, with her citizen ID an email arrived in her mailbox, from there, she printed his ballot and voted for Joe Biden and for all the Democrats. The American stressed that in addition to her, the North American community in the Guanajuato municipality is with Biden.

“Trump has worked for 4 years to divide the country. Attacks people. In the case of the coronavirus, he says that it is a lie and has spread an erroneous speech about the precautionary measures. Seeing the full hospitals and the hundreds of deceased compatriots, makes us realize that Trump is not the best option, ”Cate told La Silla Rota.

Biden is the option to oust Trump, she stressed.

Cate is a retired American woman. She moved to San Miguel de Allende to live a quiet retirement. In the municipality, she performs philanthropy work hand in hand with the municipal directorates. It is clear that ” for the good of those of us inside and outside the country, Trump should no longer be in power .”


Heidi, a contributor to, an organization that promotes the American vote from abroad, told this portal that it has been detected that about 1 million 800 thousand Americans live outside their country. Of which, over a million, reside in Mexico.

“ In this electoral period, through our organization, we detected that 800 thousand Americans voted from abroad .” This figure is 3 times greater than that registered in the 2016 voting.

Of the Americans living in Mexico, only 350,000 voted. 

Vote From Abroad safeguarded votes cast from outside North America. They also ran a campaign to promote votes in the American expat community in Mexico.

“If Trump wins, the US closes for me”

An American living in San Miguel de Allende is clear that if Trump wins, she will not return to her native country

If Trump wins, the US closes for me
Judith, an American resident in San Miguel de Allende, thinks about not returning to her land if Trump wins the presidency.

“I have not been able to cry. It is a difficult subject. If Biden wins, Trump will do everything to remove him. With a crack in her voice, difficulty expressing her Spanish, and doubts about the political outcome of her country, Judith declared to La Silla Rota, that, ” this is my country (Mexico), I have closed the door of EE. . UU “. 

Judith  Doster chose San Miguel de Allende to live for two years. And this day, she exclaimed, she has lived with anxiety and anguish. She does not want Donald Trump in power, “not anymore,” she pointed out. 

“Trump is an ‘evil’ (malvado in Spanish). He just wants money and power, ”Judith said.

The magnate has the proposal to eliminate the public health system. In addition, while the covid-19 pandemic claimed thousands of victims, Donald Trump spread a speech of disbelief about the existence of the deadly virus. His hatred of migrants killed many Mexican children, Judith sadly recalled.

“It hurts. It really hurts me, ” Doster repeated as the idea of ​​Trump continuing to lead the country was on her mind. 

Judith is clear that if Trump is re-elected she will not return to the United States. The doors will be closed.  


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