Escondido Place, the healing power of water in San Miguel de Allende

Escondido Place (San Miguel de Allende)

Escondido Place is another of San Miguel de Allende’s best-kept secrets. Located just 10 kilometers from downtown San Miguel, this original spa offers an authentic anti-stress therapy in its beautiful thermal water pools.

Surrounded by beautiful crystalline water mirrors, it has 4 outdoor pools and 6 covered pools, in these, the water temperature reaches 40º C which generates pleasant steam chambers within the vaulted space they occupy.

Photo Kiev M Escondido Place

At Renacimiento Spa, you will be able to enjoy the benefits of an extensive range of treatments and massages in an environment flooded with aromatherapy, including holistic experiences, such as the temazcal, where you will be guided in a ritual of introspection and detoxification, without a doubt an experience to go out completely renovated.

Photo Kiev M Escondido Place

The rest offer is complemented by the Lila hotel, with 15 rooms, and the Elena restaurant with an offer of Mexican dishes made with ingredients from the region. Ideal for filling the lungs with fresh and pure air, Escondido Place is designed for recreation, relaxation, and wellness, in a safe environment without crowds.


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