Valle de los Senderos a hidden oasis in San Miguel de Allende


There is a hidden oasis waiting to be discovered in San Miguel de Allende: El Valle de los Senderos (the Valley of the Trails).

About 3 kilometers from San Miguel de Allende, is Valle de los Senderos, an oasis that stands out in the middle of the arid terrain of the area.

Respecting the natural environment, this place was born with the intention of creating a sustainable residential space but it has also become one of the attractions of San Miguel for its famous and unique “beach”.

The sand, the sun, and the Balinese beds will transport you to the serene days at the beach, making you forget that it is an artificial beach. Manaia is an Urban Oasis within Valle de los Senderos is possible thanks to the banks of hot springs near the area and the warm climate that characterizes San Miguel de Allende.

It has a natural pool, thermal jacuzzi, restaurant, water gardens, children’s area, and more to enjoy a weekend with your partner, friends, or family. To have access you need to make a prior reservation and purchase a day pass for $ 500 pesos per person, you will have access to the beach, natural pool, jacuzzi, use of towel and gown, paddleboard, games, and bikes.

The main concept of the project is the connection with nature to achieve a balance in mind, body, and spirit and these beautiful gardens and the blue sky achieve a state of serenity that you have to experience yourself. The views are spectacular wherever you turn and the best thing is that you can get out of the routine and take a yoga or meditation class or enjoy a horse ride, ask about them from your arrival at Valle de Los Senderos.


To complete the experience in Valle de Los Senderos, there is a vineyard in production which you can enjoy with a very special tasting of the wine of the region that is increasingly popular. In addition, there is a restaurant specializing in healthy but delicious food, all the dishes on the menu are made with local organic products and are made to pamper you.


Valle de los Senderos es un espacio para escapar de la ciudad y desintoxicarte el fin de semana, ¿listo para descubrirlo?

PH: 52 (415) 152 8411

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