Drought in Guanajuato: La Esperanza Dam maintains 67% capacity


The dam that retains a large part of its intake and volume is La Esperanza, which registers 67% of its volume, although it also has slime and trash.

Guanajuato, Mexico.- Faced with a declared drought at the state level confirmed by Governor Diego Sinhue Rodriguez Vallejo, the situation in the state capital is going in the same direction and is approaching hard and worrying numbers, since there are still more than eight weeks to May for the rainstorms to cool down the Cañada and mountain area of Cuevano, in Guanajuato.

In the city, the repercussions are noticeable with staggering times in the supply of the vital liquid when the water levels in the different dams are no longer sufficient, in addition to campaigns that invite care, supervision, and reporting when this resource is being wasted.

The levels registered in the La Soledad dam do not exceed 18% with a total volume of 290 thousand 165 cubic meters of water decreasing day by day while the areas of Valenciana, San Javier, Carrizo, and Cata face a similar situation.

Not even the rain that fell last Thursday had a great effect to increase or maintain its levels, in addition to the fact that as it is the dam that is furthest away from the ravine, its maintenance and possible leaks make it difficult to preserve the water until the showers arrive in May.

On the other hand, the dam that preserves a large part of its intake and volume is La Esperanza, which registers a 67% volume and has 572 thousand 362 cubic meters of fluid on its walls.

Besides, on the surface of this dam, there is slime and garbage, as well as rotting fish, all of which remain deteriorating the quality of the liquid.

This situation should be remedied by water treatment plants to provide citizens with quality or less contaminated water.

With this balance, the dam that undoubtedly empties more quickly and has a 20% supply volume for the area is the Mata dam, which due to its proximity to Mount San Nicolas, Presa de la Olla, Pastita, Cerro del Cuarto and Cerro de Los Leones only have 271,934 cubic meters of water, these are worrisome numbers for a population that already exceeds 200 thousand inhabitants.

This is why the lack of rain makes awareness of the care and protection of water more important. But it is also expected that both the municipal and state governments project solutions that allow the development and supply of water to be possible. Especially after several failed attempts to consolidate a project like the La Tranquilidad Dam

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