Guacamaya, the chicharrón torta that was born in Guanajuato


Anyone who has been to Guanajuato and has not tried an authentic Guacamaya(macaw) must return! We tell you how this deliciousness is prepared.

We Mexicans are specialists in something -after tacos- it is in tortas. We have all kinds, flavors and sizes. From the classic ham torta to the Cuban torta that has everything (but really everything). The range of versions that we have of this appetizer is quite wide and peculiar. Some are very famous and well-known, and others may be somewhat eccentric or unknown, this could be the case of the Guacamaya, have you tried it?

The origin of the torta

There are different versions around the creation of this dish. There are those who affirm that it was in Puebla before the invasion of the United States (1846-1848), since in a publication of February 8, 1864 in the newspaper El Pájaro Verde the existence of the “torta” is mentioned.

However, there are more theories that point to Armando Martínez Centurión, a resident of Mexico City, as the creator of the torta. His relatives assure that Don Armando was a humble man and in 1892 he set up a stall in his hallway to sell bolillos stuffed with the ingredients he had at home. Over time, and to the taste of the diners, he began to fill them with leg ham, pork cheese or sardines.

The origin of the Guacamaya is created by the people from Leon, who say that it was born in León, Guanajuato. However, this delight is prepared throughout the state with slight variations.

Macaw Ingredients

If you walk through the streets of Guanajuato, it is common to find carts with baskets of pork rinds and bolillos. Stop at any, because here they prepare the tasty Guacamaya! The secret is that the chicharrón is crunchy and the bolillo is well browned. It is accompanied with pico de gallo, pork skins and lemon. If you want it “baptized” they bathe it with chile de árbol sauce.

The truth is that it is not difficult to prepare it, perhaps part of its delight lies in its simplicity. You can find them almost in any corner of León, Dolores Hidalgo and in Guanajuato capital, in the Pípila viewpoint, outside the churches and in the markets. And if you can’t resist the craving anymore, you can prepare it at home, you only need:

-1 bolillo

– pork chicharron

-Tomato, onion and cilantro to prepare the pico de gallo

-Cueritos (you can get them in cream shops or in some grocery stores)


-Red sauce or the one you like best

Source: Mexico Desconocido