San Miguel de Allende will prioritize its Christmas traditions


Posadas will be held in practically every colony, where tradition, collaboration between neighbors and authorities; that the children have a good time and the preservation of the identity will be fundamental

San Miguel de Allende, Gto.- The municipality is preparing to celebrate the holidays together with citizens, giving priority to their Christmas traditions, as stated by Acacio Martínez Director of Culture and Traditions of the administration, where he emphasized the participation of the own society within each event, not only as spectators but also actively.

That is why it will celebrate the posadas in the neighborhoods of the municipality, being 2 per day, in addition to preparing a winter festival that recovers music, pastorelas and other San Miguel expressions of Christmas, and that will be presented in traditional forums such as the Main garden, the Angela Peralta theater among others.

Although the program is designed for San Miguel citizens, year after year more people from the foreign community and visitors from all over the world join them, experiencing it together with San Miguel residents and even collaborating.

In this way, the neighbors actively collaborate and the goal is for the children to have an incredible Christmas in the company of their loved ones and the neighbors with whom they live on a daily basis, thereby seeking social cohesion.

On December 24, during the last posada, there will be a lullaby at the nativity scene, which has been in place for more than 65 years in the main garden.

Source: Mas de Aca