Guanajuato Prosecutor denies that the death of medical students is related to drug purchases as AMLO said


Prosecutor Carlos Zamarripa stated that the young people were “picked up” by an armed group when they were having fun at a spa.

Celaya.- The five medical students murdered last Sunday were “picked up” by an armed group when they were having fun at a spa in the Arreguín de Abajo community, in Celaya, on the border with Cortazar, near the town of Crespo, in the who abandoned their bodies, reported prosecutor Carlos Zamarripa Aguirre.

Based on the investigations, he affirmed that the death of the students is not related to the purchase of drugs, as President Andrés Manuel López Obrador said.

He emphasized that the five university students, with a whole future ahead of them, were good people.

Given the hypothesis that López Obrador spread that the students were murdered because they went to buy from someone who sold drugs in a territory that belonged to another gang, he said that the information provided by the president is not entirely accurate. “According to what we have information, that is not it,” he said.

“Mr. President, without a doubt I believe, had some information card that someone must have given him and that seems to me to be not entirely accurate.”

“We, who are in charge of the investigation, one of the things that is true is that the boys were in a recreation area and of course there was no reason for their lives to be taken.”

“The five students were good people and they had fun at a spa,” he added.

The victims are the brothers Jesús Virgilio Orozco Mateos, Fabián Orozco Mateos, Pedro Francisco Mateos Puente, José Eduardo Freire Ortega and Brayan Jesús Amoles Gasca.

He said that little can be advanced to respect due process, but the line of investigation that the five young students were at a spa, in a recreation area and in this same place, the same day they were found lifeless, is very fortified, they were approached by a group of people.

He said that those people were taken from that place, then they were deprived of their lives and then they left their bodies in the First Fraction of Crespo. In the same area, the body of another man was located, he said, but he did not give details about it.

Zamarripa pointed out that there is also a very fortified line regarding the murderers, which will provide a response to arrest them and bring them before a judge.

 Source: El Universal