Foreigners also stay up late for their bracelet for Backstreet Boys


By eight in the morning, the line already reached the front of the Cultural Forum. The first people who arrived are from Mexico City and Mazatlan

Since ten at night the first fans arrived to save their place and after midnight, around 30 people already made up the line.

At the entrance of the Fair, well wrapped up, with their tents and even with their shirts of the band from Florida, the followers prepared to be among the first to receive their bracelet.

People from Mexico City and Mazatlan, Sinaloa, were the first in line. They decided to arrive to form, instead of going to spend the night at the hotel.

“We just went to leave our bags at the hotel and we came to form, we came to León exclusively for the concert and that is the goal to fulfill.” Said Sandra and Fanny, from Mexico City.

The second in line are Liliana and Carmen, both from Mazatlan who also did the same, they went to check in at their hotel and also decided to form.

“I come with my shirt, with all the attitude I’m going to celebrate my birthday and it’s the first time we’re going to see them, we traveled more than ten hours to be here.” Carmen said.

By eight in the morning, the line already surrounded the entire front of the Fair, the Stadium, the hotel and turned on Paseo del Niño and Vasco de Quiroga, right in front of the Cultural Forum.

Days ago, the leader of the Association of Hotels and Motels of León, Eduardo Bujaidar, said that for this last weekend of the fair they expect to reach up to 80 percent occupancy.

For his part, Manuel Bribiesca, leader of the Chamber of the Restaurant Industry, said: “We are ready to work and give the best service to León, we expect a great influx this weekend, we will have concerts, bulls, soccer”.

Source: El Sol de Leon