Cristóbal will be the stage for 400 Plastic Artists and International Writers


The general director of Red Global Creativa, Cecilia Álvarez, revealed exciting details about the next Multicultural Literarte Festival that will take place in San Cristóbal

The general director of Red Global Creativa, Cecilia Álvarez, announced that this month of friendship the Multicultural Literarte Festival will be held in San Cristóbal de Las Casas, for two days. More than 400 artists will be present, generating a significant economic contribution for the city. Álvarez urged the population to give them a warm welcome and take away a beautiful memory of this colonial city that will celebrate its fifth centenary in the next four years.

In an interview, Cecilia Álvarez shared that on February 16 and 17, San Cristóbal will receive more than 400 plastic artists and writers from Mexico and abroad. In addition, there will be a street party with music in the main streets of the city coleta.

“This project seeks to highlight the talent of artists and writers from different parts of the world, including Mexico. “Currently, we confirm the participation of 400 people from America and Europe. It is a challenge to make ourselves known, but we have chosen San Cristóbal for this meeting, since it is the place of origin of the outstanding international artist Alberto Domínguez Borrás. In addition, I am fortunate to know his son, the violinist master Marcos Domínguez Estrada, who has programmed this event”, Álvarez said.

Álvarez highlighted the participation of more than 40 artists from Chiapas, including a renowned local artist from San Cristóbal. The event will take place at the Museum of San Cristóbal (Musac), and during the nights of February 15 and 16, a poetic street party will take place. A Chiapaneco parade of parachicos will also be held to promote the rich culture of Chiapas worldwide.

“We want the world to know the culture that San Cristóbal has to offer”, Álvarez concluded.

Source: El Heraldo de Chiapas