With sticks and stones, they attack police in San Miguel de Allende (+ video)


The preliminary balance of the Red Cross is 16 wounded, of whom six required medical attention, including a police officer, at least five ambulances were also required.

Inhabitants of the community of Nuevo Pantoja, in San Miguel de Allende, faced stones with elements of the State Public Security Forces (FSPE), in the middle of a protest over the lack of drinking water and its high tariff cost.

The clash occurred between almost 100 elements and dozens of civilians. The preliminary balance of the Red Cross is 16 wounded, of whom six required medical attention, including a police officer, at least five ambulances were also required.

According to the community members’ complaints, the anti-riot team, sent by the State Secretariat of Public Security, in support of the San Miguel de Allende municipal police, attacked the protesters who blocked the Manuel Zavala bypass.

In the contingent of unhappy children, women, the elderly were among other slogans, calling for Mayor Luis Alberto Villarreal the surtimiento drinking water and reduction of tariffs.

Municipal police officers came to the scene and were later supported by state agents. After the brawl , the number of people detained has not yet been confirmed

However, the San Miguel de Allende Drinking Water and Sewerage System issued a statement in which it stated that they have always been open to dialogue and cooperation. He even stated that in the case of Nuevo Pantoja , there have been various meetings related to the issue, with the willingness to support.

“This body has always conducted itself in compliance with the law, for this reason, we regret that for decades the ejido situation among individuals from Nuevo Pantoja has been an impediment to fully support them in their request for the placement of meters individually,” explained the paramunicipal in the statement.

They stated that this morning a meeting was held with some of the non-conformists, before the demonstration, “where the differences between groups in the same community were expressed, a situation that is not in our hands to resolve.”

For the time being, a contingent from the community went to the municipal divisions, located right next to the Municipal Presidency, to demand the release of people present at the scene of the confrontation. However, they were told that they must still be processed.

Source: 24-horas.mx, tiempodigital.mx, radioformula.com.mx

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