Protocols begin to open businesses in San Miguel de Allende


Today they began to work on the study of the protocols that allow the restaurants and other businesses in this municipality to reopen.

Luis Alberto Villarreal, mayor of San Miguel de Allende, commented that today they began working on the study of protocols that allow the restaurants and other businesses in this municipality to reopen.

He explained that also, four stages are being developed that allow restarting the business activities of various lines without spreading the infections and increasing the number of cases due to covid-19.

“This is exactly what we are in San Miguel de Allende with these four phases pretending: prepare our people, prepare for when we can say ‘we can start the climb back’ to economic life, let’s start in a phased manner through four phases ”, mentioned Villarreal.

He indicated that it is planned that commercial activities will be restarted initially, to continue with the restaurants. The second stage would consist of being able to open the hotels; in the third phase the opening of sports parks and gyms is planned.

In this sense, the municipal president commented that work is already beginning on the development of the protocols that integrate these phases, with the aim of knowing how they can open restaurants, cafes and patisseries, among others, as well as to be able to certify a health facility.

“How are we going to receive in restaurants everything that has been our supplies to be able to work, what are the sanitary measures,” Villarreal said of one of the protocols on which they will work.

But also, it highlights that the way in which the restaurant will operate will be developed, in the sense of the sanitary measures of the staff, as well as the attention that will be given to customers in all aspects.

“A series of measures that allow you to feel calm, feel safe and know that we are doing things well,” added the mayor, who also took the opportunity to mention that they will be the first place in Latin America to have this certificate.

Protocols begin to open businesses in San Miguel de Allende

They will place sanitary filters in the accesses of San Miguel Allende

The San Miguel de Allende city council approved the placement of sanitary filters at the entrances of this World Cultural Heritage City.

As of June 1, the filters will be placed “as a preventive measure for the return to normality in the city of San Miguel de Allende, in the face of the coronavirus contingency,” states the agreement of the city council.

Filters will be installed at the Central de Autobuses, as well as at the four access points to the city: the highway to Querétaro, Doctor Mora, Guanajuato and Comonfot-Celaya.

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“The filters will be made up of personnel from the National Guard, the Municipal Police, Civil Protection and the Ministry of Health,” the document details.

“The process will consist of stopping the vehicles that are moving towards the municipality, checking the temperature of each crew member with the digital thermometer and providing antibacterial gel, after explaining the reason for the operation,” he details.

Explains that Health Secretariat staff will apply a questionnaire to know the names of the crew, age, place of origin, telephone number, the reason for the visit and information requested by the state agency.

On Wednesday night, the council also approved the “General Safety and Health Measures for the Reactivation of Establishments.”

“The reopening will take place in four phases. It is proposed that it be systematized and staggered, in accordance with the essential activities and also those of the fundamental sectors for the San Miguel economy, ”the agreement states.

The government will form a Health and Safety Certification Committee in charge of issuing the protocols that will establish the specific times and measures that establishments must apply. The protocols will be approved by the City Council.

He adds that adults over 60, pregnant women, people diagnosed with high blood pressure, diabetes mellitus, chronic heart or lung disease, immunosuppression, kidney or liver failure will be the last to join the activities.

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In phase zero, the markets and shopping centers, restaurants, restaurant bar, loncherías, taquerías, tortillerías, bakeries, patisseries, cafeterias, candy stores, ice sales, paleterías and ice cream parlors, grocery and miscellaneous stores, nutrition centers, may resume activities. pharmacies, doctor’s offices, laboratories, medical articles, cleaning supplies, crafts, hardware stores and hardware stores, building materials, hairdressers and barbers, stationeries, bonnets, haberdashery, clothing stores, shoe stores, gift shops, toy stores, flower shops , watches, locksmiths, spare parts, gas stations, gas stations, mechanical workshops, tire shops and derivatives, blacksmiths, carpentry, furniture stores, jewelers, shopping malls, cyber cafes, telephone centers, self-service centers and public parking lots.

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In phase one they will open hotels, public parks, cinemas, theaters, libraries, cultural centers, churches and centers of worship, congregation centers for people (up to a maximum of 10 people).

In phase two, sports centers such as gyms, public courts in the neighborhoods and communities will return to function.

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And in phase three the canteens, bars, nightclubs, botaneros, jaripeos, dances, public and private events, rental houses and accommodation in any of its modalities will return to activities, including Air B & B, museums, SPA, vineyards, Massage centers, religious festivities in public spaces, tourist tours, Balloon Rides, Walks, and other tourist activities.


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